Empowering individuals and their communities.

About Us

Bamara is about people – acknowledging their unique circumstances and achieving their goals and creating a positive impact by providing support and professional human services.

We deliver appropriately tailored support to individuals’ strengths, goals, challenges, and experiences to achieve community prosperity and individual economic independence.

We achieve this by creating, designing and delivering culturally competent services for corporate, NGO and government sectors to positively impact local communities and individuals.

Bamara means Helper, Friend, Companion in Yolngu language from Arnhem Land.


ParentsNext helps eligible parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their children go to school. This is done through helping participants develop a pathway to achieve their employment or education goals and link them to services and activities available in the local community.

The ParentsNext program is now available in all non-remote areas of Australia, and our team truly cares about the unique circumstances of parents and the individual supports and activities required to help them reach their goals.