About Us

Who We Are

Bamara is a company that is majority Indigenous owned through David Liddiard being the majority shareholder. Bamara was created for the purpose of delivering social impact programs and quality related services to Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients and communities.

Bamara provides decades of experience combined with a fresh perspective to working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients and communities.

Our focus is on individual and community capacity building through the design and delivery of projects, programs and initiatives underpinned by Australian government (state and federal) funding.


Our Mission

Bamara’s mission is to foster and promote business and economic development for people and communities by providing support and professional human services. We do this by creating, designing and delivering culturally competent services.

Bamara is committed to:

  • a vision for individual economic independence for individuals, achieved through education and employment and positive life choices.
  • empowering communities through capacity and capability development to create sustainable futures built on local strengths and opportunities
  • providing practical support for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners to increase their business capability and grow their businesses.
Our Values

People + Community

Bamara recognises differences between people and acknowledge that these differences are a valued asset. We value a diverse society and believe diversity brings a richness and a broad and varied perspective necessary to underpin strong and healthy communities.

Opportunity + Excellence

We create opportunities for our clients and partners. We are solution focused and use a strengths approach to the relationships that we build between clients and partners. Bamara believes that the difference between good and great is in the detail. Our benchmark is excellence and we look for the same alignment in our partners.

Trust + Respect

Enduring relationships are built on trust and respect. Bamara seeks to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. We seek to secure contracts where activity is mutually beneficial – for our clients, our partners, and our business.


We act with a sense of responsibility and commitment to the people and communities we serve. Bamara looks to the long-term and designs and delivers its project activity with a view to sustainability. When we ‘back door’ it after a project or program is finished, we ensure that we have made a discernible difference and that embedded changes produce sustainable outcomes and continued future growth.