Bamara offers a range of solutions for our clients focussing on Indigenous economic independence. Our service delivery centres on the following:

Local business and Indigenous participation policy

For true economic independence and prosperity equal to other Australians, there must be a successful economy with vibrant and sustainable businesses.

Our contracts are operated in accordance with our ‘Local business and Indigenous participation policy’ which provides fair and reasonable opportunity for local industry and suppliers to take part, and support local Indigenous business owners to participate in the supply chain.

Indigenous community engagement is at the foundation of our methodology and includes:

Indigenous Business Supplier Opportunites

Engage with Indigenous Business Australia, Indigenous Chambers of Commerce, Supply Nation and our own network of Indigenous business owners

Workforce Skills Audit

Identify local SME Aboriginal owned businesses to tender or provide local Indigenous skilled workers. Use local Aboriginal liaison to facilitate meetings with key community leaders, Elders, Aboriginal agencies and services to identify potential recruits.

Indigenous Economic Enterprise and Development

Through our business mentoring, empower local Aboriginal owned businesses to achieve business growth development.

Economic benefit to Australian economy

Our commitment to local employment and procurement ensures that the economic benefit of our service positively impacts each of the local economies in which we deliver our contracts.

Bamara Pty Ltd as an Indigenous owned organisation will directly contribute to the Closing the Gap initiative and the Commonwealths Indigenous Procurement policy objectives.

Bamara will provide direct, indirect and induced economic benefit to the Australia economy through the provision of our above average performance and lower error rates in the delivery of contracts.